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New Review for Blood For Blood, A Tale of Zytarri, and an Excerpt

After attending a Valentine's Ball last night with my husband, which was very nice, I came home to a first review for my new release, Blood For Blood. I'm going to share  a snippet of it this morning. And I'm also wishing you all a very Happy Valentne's Day today. :-)

“...dark and dangerous atmosphere, with sex and blood serving as the binding agent. ... This isn’t your typical romance... Abriel doesn’t pull her punches in terms of story telling... Abriel has built a vast world, with many different characters that are well thought out and extremely complex.”


Safe to say it's a dark and twisted tale of revenge in which love and romance must find a way to triumph. Not for the faint of heart. Fairly said. And thus, having said that, here's the blurb, and an excerpt from Blood for Blood.

This is a story based on the premise that if vampires were descended from an alien culture, what would that species and civilization be like? Can a vampire-like creature, with essence of human built into it, be "tamed"? Should a vampire be tamed? Creatures of the wild, with inbred instincts to feed, to hunt, to strike out when threatened, to protect what is theirs, to prey upon those weaker than themselves. Is it possible for such a lethal creature such as this to organize, to control those instincts, to maintain relationships with other species? The Sangorrians - a society that has learned to do just that. But, have they truly, and for how long can the veneer of civilized restraint last?

Zytarri, Book 1

The Past…
Leora Saguna has become what her kind fear most—a blood huntress. Fueled by a lust for revenge for the assassination of her Alpha, she has violated every Sangorrian law to track the murderers down. And one day return to her infant daughter, Katriel.

Each time Noah Chisca watches his mark take macabre delight in her task, he is one dead bandit closer to earning the highest bounty of his career. Yet he can’t deny the desire that twists his gut. He takes her captive; she takes him as her mate.

The Present…
Katriel knows bonding with the mate her mother has chosen will ensure her future as heir. But the memory of the forbidden warrior monk who stole her heart haunts her, and she rebels.

Valyn’s identity is hidden until he’s proven himself worthy of Katriel. But fighting a deadly dragon is only the beginning of their nightmare, as sinister forces conspire to shake the foundations of Sangorrian society and unleash a reign of blood that may destroy them all


Leora set aside the papers she’d been reviewing. Her expression told him  nothing. Nor did Sec Noah’s.

“Good morning, Valyn. You slept well?”

“Yes, thank you, Mistress.”

“My Second Attendant, Noah, has informed me of your bravery on the day of your
arrival, as well as your encounter with the dragon, and recounted your concern for and assistance with the people at Mt. Triton. You have earned his respect, and that is no easy feat.” She smiled. “I must say, I’ve also been hearing some very interesting retellings of your battle with the Vawndra from the servants.”

He glanced quickly at Noah but was met with an emotionless mask. He returned his gaze to Mistress Leora. “The mercenaries weren’t difficult to defeat, Mistress. The guards from Leah certainly outmatched them, and there was little I was required to do. The garrison of Leah is well trained.”

“I understand you’re educated in Ebonnian history.” Her black gaze seemed to penetrate his soul. He remained steady beneath her appraisal and tried not to appear unsettled by her abrupt change of subject.

“Yes, Mistress.”

She sat back and steepled her hands, her elbows resting on the arms of her chair. She exuded beauty and power as she studied him. He knew her background and respected her for the difficult choices he knew she’d been required to make over the years as Mistress of Leah.

“So tell me, what do you know of the history of the Aurora Valley?”

“Where would you like me to begin, Mistress?” he asked as courteously as possible.

“What is your understanding of the governing body of the Valley?”

“The Aurora Valley is ruled through the Seven Houses of the Crimson Sun. It is a
matriarchal society handed down from mother to eldest daughter in each House.”

“Very good. Can you name the Seven Houses?”

“The Houses are Allegra, Briana, Cleantha, Corinne, Electra, Galatea, and Leah.”

Her posture seemed to ease somewhat when he didn’t hesitate in his responses. “Well done, Valyn. It is good to know you won’t require a tutor to instruct you on Ebonnian politics. Now, what about the bonding ritual and blood rite? How familiar are you with the requirements for an Alpha Predom?”

“I’ve made myself thoroughly familiar, Mistress. But I understand there are customs that aren’t generally shared in the history books, and I’m ready to do whatever is required.”

“Do you understand your mate will need your blood to survive? That you’re responsible for her well-being at all times? That you’ll be expected to be totally loyal in every way to your mate? As she will be to you?” She leaned forward, examining him intently. “Do you realize there are those who would attempt to bribe an Alpha to gain access to the secrets of the Aurora Valley? Some have been put to death for their disloyalty. And then—” Her voice faltered, and a flicker of pain crossed her face.

Noah leaned forward as though sensing her unease and placed a hand on her shoulder.

She reached up to touch him, seeming to gain strength from him.

“There are others,” she continued in a strong voice, “who would attempt to murder the Alpha to the Matriarch in an effort to destroy the leadership. You’ll need to be on your guard at all times. Are you prepared for that as well?”

“I understand completely. I’ve already made that commitment to the Lady Katriel. It may not yet be official, but my resolve is unwavering.”

Leora again studied him for a long time. Slowly, she rose and walked around the side of the desk. “Disrobe, please. I wish to confirm the replica wasn’t altered concerning your suitability and lack of abnormalities.”

He’d known this was coming. A part of him rebelled at being ordered to disrobe before her, but he raised his hands and unbuttoned the brown robe, allowing it to drop to the floor at his feet. He returned to the stance of respect and waited, focusing his attention on the window just past where Noah stood.

He felt her assessing gaze as it roved over him and refused to respond to it or let it shake him.

She slowly circuited him, apparently studying him from every angle. She stopped
to examine the long slashing wound on his arm, seemed to assess each bruise and cut, categorizing every nuance of his body.

Finally, she halted in front of him and nodded. “Your wounds are a reflection of your bravery. It is my opinion that you are well suited as a mate for my daughter. Your conduct and bravery have already shown you’ll be a good protector. You may….”

The door to her office burst open, interrupting her words.

“Mother, please…” a frantic feminine voice spoke from behind him, then stopped

Valyn, unashamed of his nakedness, swung around to see who was there and was shocked to find himself staring into the startled gaze of his soon-to-be mate. She was everything he remembered and more. Her long dark hair fell in dishevelment about her face, her breasts heaved with agitation, her pale pink lips rounded in apparent shock. But what surprised him most were the dilated, smoky depths of her eyes. Darkened with what could only be lust.

She had eyes for no one else in the room once she saw him standing there. He saw tears pool within their depths, the startled recognition. “What is your name?” she whispered hoarsely.

He faced her, and her mouth gaped wider. Her eyes dilated more intensely, and her hands clenched at her side.

“My name is Valyn, lady. I’ve come for you as I vowed I would.”

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