Saturday, October 25, 2014

Excited to Share A Cover Reveal for Blood For Blood

Coming soon from Samhain Publishing.

Warning:  Contains red-hot flashbacks, white-hot Sangorrian mating rituals, blood and gore, a villain into torture, and no-holds-barred erotic passion.


Zytarri, Book 1

The Past…
Leora Saguna has become what her kind fear most—a blood huntress. Fueled by a lust for revenge for the assassination of her Alpha, she has violated every Sangorrian law to track the murderers down. And one day return to her infant daughter, Katriel.

Each time Noah Chisca watches his mark take macabre delight in her task, he is one dead bandit closer to earning the highest bounty of his career. Yet he can’t deny the desire that twists his gut. He takes her captive; she takes him as her mate.

The Present…
Katriel knows bonding with the mate her mother has chosen will ensure her future as heir. But the memory of the forbidden warrior monk who stole her heart haunts her, and she rebels.

Valyn’s identity is hidden until he’s proven himself worthy of Katriel. But fighting a deadly dragon is only the beginning of their nightmare, as sinister forces conspire to shake the foundations of Sangorrian society and unleash a reign of blood that may destroy them all. 

RELEASE DATE: Coming soon - February 2015


Friday, July 25, 2014

Word Geek

I love words, the make-up, the double entendre meanings. Words are fun to play with. I have a habit of collecting "word" book, i.e., dictionaries, usually at used book stores, sometimes new. Such as:

"A Dictionary of Naval Terms," "A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages". I have dictionaries of various languages, Latin, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Italian, etc., etc. I have mathematical, scientific, and I have a preference for older dictionaries, not newer ones. Words lost, words found. Words to play with, to alter, to re-use. Words are fun.

Thus, the newest addition to my "word geek" library is this one."The Handy Electrical Dictionary," a practical hand book of reference, containing definitions of every used electrical term or phrase. Indispensable to everyone interested in electrical science. With illustrations. Compiled and edited by W. L. Weber, M.E., copyright 1911 and 1902. Love it. A little guy that easily fits into the back pocket of a pair of work pants.

My current intriguing phrase from this book:

unbuilding of dynamo. The loss of its charge or excitation by a self-exciting dynamo.

and dynamo. a dynamo electric machine. A generator.

Take it from there.

Dynamo. Generator. Generator of what? Hmm. Well, taken literally, likely electricity. But what might I do with that when I play with words and meanings? Let me think on it.

One of the reasons I love writing dark fantasy and scifi. Sometimes I just play with letters in a word, moving them around and creating something different. Just like the fun of bending definition.

Such as, I might take dynamo electric machine and using the first letters of each word, I'd come up with the word Dem. Dem night be a social class, it might be a type of humanotic in the city -state of Quentopolis, it might be a process that they use at the Factorium. The unbuilding of dynamo might refer to a process that occurs in the Elite Logic Life Core - the ELLC, the knowledge machine at the core of Quentopolis.

I do love words and their meanings.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Words Inside My Head

Let me speak to you of the man. Oh, yes, the man, and the feelings I did not understand.

I speak of love -- a love that has locked me here within these insane walls. A love that kills, a love that suffocates every other thought and desire. A love that maddens the mind, seeping slowly to flood the heart, the soul. A love that will see no end. A love that will haunt me unto my very last breath surrenders, following me into the hellfires of eternity where I vow not to walk alone.

It was upon a night -- a dark and stormy night, daunting, taunting, endless abyss into which he came to me, golden like an angel, regal and bright with his mane of brilliant, gilded hair and demanding eyes of clear, cold January skies.

I loved him at first sight. I loved him through the darkness, through the endless tortured night...